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We are now on Second Life since shut down.
Come visit us.  I am Sammy Moose

This information is remaining just to show some of the history of our group on   Enjoy

Update as of 1-6-06

Please check the Christian Friends of There forums for more current updates.  I post in forums and also send out emails when things have changed.  We are currently doing a bible study on Monday nights at 9pm eastern.  This has not changed.  The bible readings are currently at 9:30pm eastern Tuesday through Thursday, and 7:30pm eastern on Fridays. We have read through the New Testament and are currently in Ezekiel.  We also attend Prayer Warriors bible study Sundays at 8:00pm eastern.

We have had a great growth in our club this year thanks to God.  The membership is at 201 as of this writing.  God is working great things through the club.  We give God all the praise.  We also have a prayer list that can updated so that everyone can see the updates immediately through their copy of the list.

We have been building a lot and having a lot of fun events.  Come on out and see us anytime.  The membership is free to start.


Update as of 5-11-05

I started having a reading of the Bible a little over a week ago.  I read through Matthew and am currently in Mark.  I am sitting in my house reading the Bible out loud to all that enter.  I do a 30 minute reading Tuesday - Friday.  The start time varies between 6pm-7:30 pm eastern.  I mail out the days invitation when I have decided on the time.  Please come by and enjoy the Word if you like.  Also if you would like to actually read on a day, talk to me and I will be more then happy to let you read for the day. 

Do not forget that there are resources and other things we do to help you in your walk with Jesus.  Besides the Monday night Bible study at 9pm, there is the Sunday night Bible study at Prayer Warriors.  They have a new time starting this week.  It will begin at 8pm eastern.

Watch out for other members, who may be conducting Bible studies as well.  For instance tonight Dart will be having a study at 7pm at his house.  Join the club to receive all the invites.  Until then have a blessed day.


Bible study for 5-2-05 & 5-9-05

We listened to a great message on the 2nd.  We also had a wonderful evening of testimony led by raelen on the 9th.  It was so nice to hear each others stories and the inspiration of how God brought each of us to Him.  I am sorry that none of these were recorded, but I have not seen much interest in that part.  So if someone would actually like to have our studies recorded, please let me know and I will start that back up again when it is practical. 

Bible study for 4-25-05

Tonight's message was brought to us by Isalyna.  Her message was titled "A greater freedom from Bondage".  We were happy to be able to record the message for you.  Please download it and enjoy.

Bible Study 4-25-05 1.mp3

Bible Study 4-25-05 2.mp3

We have been hanging out a lot as usual.  Don't forget to come on by and look us up during the week.  We are out here daily.  We are most always doing something fun. 


Bible study for 4-18-05

Tonight we listened to a message from Mike Breaux out of Willow Creek in Chicago.  This guy is excellent.  Check out the website for more information on him.

The title was called My Upstream Story.  Basically it was a message of how we should live our life for God.  We should not be a feather floating in the wind.  Also a large point was letting know how our lives touch other lives, which touch other lives and so on.  It was a comparison to a pebble thrown in the middle of the water.  The ripple effects continue outward.  The people that were there loved the message.  I am unable to put a copy of it up on the website.  But I would be more then happy to have a replay for one or more people and play that message for you.


Bible study for 4-11-05

Tonight our instructor was raelen.  She gave us a lesson on "Christians are an example".  This message will make you reevaluate yourself and to try and set a better example as a Christian.  Please download and enjoy the lesson.

Bible Study 4-11-05.mp3

After the lesson we went on a buggy tour over New Kansas.  We then had a good time paintballing.  Be sure to join us next week if you can.


Bible study for 4-4-05

Tonight was another great Bible study.  Sammy1000 taught about "The age of the Earth".  There is a lot of information here.  Make sure and check out for more information under religious links.  Look for the Creation links.  Also check out .   Here are the MP3 for tonight also.  Enjoy.

Bible Study 4-4-05 pt 1.mp3

Bible Study 4-4-05 pt 2.mp3

We have been doing a lot of events and having a good time hanging out together.  Because Theremail has been messed up, I have not sent out many notices.  Just look for the members online or myself and IM us to see what is going on.  We have did tours around the islands and currently have a dance club above Duda beach.


Bible study for 3-28-05

Hi there,

I just wanted to invite you to join the Prayer Forum, that we have started, in relation to Christian Friends of There.  This is place for you to enter prayer requests, praise reports, and share other stuff too.   Sometimes during the week, we have needs, so here is place you can go to, and it will be prayed for during the week, between meetings.

God Bless!


We really enjoyed the lesson and songs by isalyna tonight.  The lesson was Hoping in God.  Also God has blessed her with a beautiful voice.  Fortunately you can check it out from the recordings.  Afterwards, we did a little indoor paintball.  It was a lot of fun.  Hope to see you next week.

Bible Study 3-28-05 Mar 28(2)_01.mp3

Bible Study 3-28-05 Mar 28_02.mp3


Words to the songs

What A Child is Meant to Be -Kathryn Scott
In my weakness
I find that your strength knows no bounds
And in my loneliness
I find that the everlasting arms surround me
And even with this fragile heart
I find a place to rest here, Safe where you are…
And I am falling into grace again
And I am running where mercy never ends
Lord Im learning That your love can cover me
You are teaching me
What a child is meant to be

Precious Lord -Lynne

Precious Lord, I’ve come to worship.
Reaching to You, with all my yearning.
Forgetting all else, Lord, I am waiting here for You

Your steadfast Love, so everlasting.
Your sacrifice, it’s so Amazing
How could I ever cease to Glorify You, Lord.

You’re right here, right beside me,
Lord I lift my hands to Praise You
Jesus, Holy, Holy, Holy, is Your Name !
And I worship You, worship You Lord.

You give me joy, when I am hurting
Through it all, You’re right beside me.
Jesus, I know that You will never,never leave me

Bible study for 3-21-05

Tonight was another great Bible study.  We thank raelen for leading tonight.  We were also able to record the study. Please download it and listen.  After the Bible study, we went to wonderland in Motu Motu.  We set up a hoverboard park and visited the mall.  We had a good time hanging out.  Please join us next week for more Bible study and fun.

Bible Study 3-21-05 Mar 21_01.mp3

Bible Study 3-21-05 Mar 21_02.mp3


Bible study for 3-14-05

We had a great Bible study tonight. Delight taught us about the names of God.

See: Names of God at Prayer Warriors Names of God Web Page

We had great fellowship and prayer. We attempted to record the Bible study tonight, but due to technical difficulties we were unable to record it. I am sorry to those with no sound and those members who missed it last night.

We hope to see you next week.

God Bless

Party for Delight 3-14-05

After Bible study, we had a surprise birthday (real life) party for Delight. It is said she is at least 29 :-)

We had a great time dancing and socializing. For those of you that stayed, thank you. For those of you that were not there, you missed a lot of fun. Hope to see you next time.

God Bless


Bible study for 3-7-05

The Bible study went great.  The topic was The Six Days of Creation.

Here are some MP3 files of the Bible study.

Bible Study 3-7-05 Mar

Bible Study 3-7-05 Mar

Bible Study 3-7-05 Mar


Here is a copy of the notes I used

The Six Days of Creation

Read Genesis Ch 1

Question: Do you believe that God did what he said? That he created the Heavens and Earth and everything in it?

Question: Do you believe that God created everything in 6 ordinary 24-hour days? Can the Hebrew word "day" in Genesis 1 mean anything other than an ordinary 24-hour day? That is what I am going to talk about today.

First lets talk about what the Hebrew word of "Yom" actually means. It does mean day. But it also means other periods of time. It just depends on the context. Just as the meaning of day depends on context in English today.

So lets see how the word day is used elsewhere in the Bible. Anytime you see:

Day & number – 410 times; always means an ordinary day

Evening & morning together without day – 38 times; always means an ordinary day.

Evening or morning with day – 23 times; always means an ordinary day.

Night with day – 52 times; always means ordinary day.

Now lets read the parts of Genesis and see if there is a pattern. There is: Evening – morning – number – day.

So what exactly is the problem? The problem is evolution and billions of years. It is not biblical or true. It is simply the religion of the Humanist and non-believers. And they will do anything to make it true, as to prove that man is the end results of millions of years of evolution.

Where is the only place in the Bible that they can try to squeeze millions & Billions of years. Since they can’t argue it between other events in the Bible, they have to use Genesis 1.

They came up with theories to explain the first 6 days in Genesis. For example the Gap – Theory: a period or millions or billions of years between Genesis 1:1-2. The Day age theory, where every day is a huge amount of time. Another feeble attempt to change Gods word. There are a lot of theories.

Did you know that the idea of Millions of years did not come into existence until the 1700’s? The anti-Christians would do anything to disprove the Bible. Evolution is also based upon faith and it must be true to them, because the only other alternative is unacceptable – special Creation.

So begins the arguments of death before man. Dinosaurs – evolution. But God said everything was very good after the 6 days of creation. This also means fall of Satan had to be after the creation.

Then came the Geological column – only in textbooks – not out in the physical world, showing fossils millions of years old in the rocks. Did you know they date the fossils by the layer it is found in. But they also date the layers by the fossils they find in them. Circular reasoning.

Faulty assumptions for dating: Carbon 14 one example. Dating live animals wrong. They actually have a lot of dating methods and use which ever one will get the results they need. So many things show their dating methods are flawed.

So are there examples that the Earth is young and that we were created and did not evolve. There are so many, but that will have to be another study. But lets just use a couple of examples; the salt in the ocean. Rain causes salt and sediments to flow into the ocean. But if it has been doing this for billions of years, the oceans would be more salty then the Dead Sea.

One other example is the Grand Canyon as an example or earth being millions and billions of years old. They say look at what the Colorado River did over millions of years. It carved out the Grand Canyon. It is amazing that there are not corrosion marks betweens those levels. But did you know that Mt St. Helens the Volcano that exploded in the 80s, produced a mini Grand Canyon with the same layers that you would see at Grand Canyon. And this happened in just a few hours. I encourage you to research more about God’s creation and the abundant proof the Earth is young.

So why did God take so long in creation? He could of did it instantly, but he had a purpose. He created a pattern for man to follow; work 6 days, take 1 off. Did you know that the seven-day week comes from the Bible?

Many Christians & churches say that it does not really matter if it is six literal days. They would rather go along with mans current interpretations of the past and not follow the word of God. As long as you believe Jesus rose from the dead and died for your sins, then the other part is not important. But this is so false. You are denying the word of God so that it fits with mans current views. Christians are quick to rework the word of God with each new "discovery" of man. But the word of God remains true and has never been proven false. The non-believer will say why should I believe in Jesus, when you don’t even believe the entire Bible?

In Proverbs 30: 5-6 it says: Every word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

Christians must stand up for the entire Bible. It is the infallible word of God. We are not talking about young earth creationist. We are talking about Christians who believe in Biblical Authority.

By continually allowing man to add to the Bible, we are teaching generations that the Bible is not the authoritative word of God. And look at society now. If we continue down this road, we will lose more and more people. There is so many explanations out there to help explain the tough questions. Please do some research. It will help you with your walk and also help you to explain to the world the answers they are looking for.

I would like to thank everyone for listening and open it up to questions, comments, and discussion.

See the following for information on this subject and many more dealing with Creation.

Kent Hovind at

Ken Ham at

Henry M. Morris – The Genesis Record.

You can find these research tools and many more at


Welcome to our first meeting:  2-28-05

What is planned:

Tonight we will be discussing what topics we want to study.  Also who will lead the Bible study on a rotational basis.  We will discuss the format, time and dates of the Bible study.

What did we do?

  • We met and greeted each other and decided on the format for the Bible study.
  • It will be Monday evenings from 9-11 pm EST.  It will not necessarily last that long, or it could go longer.  It will depend on the subject and the group.
  • We decided that we will cover many subjects such as:  Creation, Prophesy, the Flood, End Time - Revelations, Life application, Everyday life, etc. We may also have testimonials one evening. Basically the subject will be what the leader of the evening has decided. 
  • There will be rotational leaders each Monday night.  This will provide for the greatest variety and enjoyment by all the group.  It will not become a chore for one leader, but something to be enjoyed by all.
  • The leaders for March will be as follows:  March 7 - Sammy1000, 14 - Elaur, 21 - isalyna, 28 - raelen.
  • People were invited to join Christian Friends of There.  Members have access to set up events in the clubhouse.
  • We also decided that we would record the Bible study.  This will allow everyone to hear our study.  This will help the people of There with no voice to enjoy it.  Also if you miss the study, it will be available for you as well.
  • I will try to post in advance what we will be talking about for the future Bible studies.  I will do that here and on the forum for the Christian Friends of There
  • We will use the group to post comments, concerns, prayer request, and to basically share with each other.

If you see anything that needs added, updated or corrected, please let me know


Welcome to our Virtual Church

We now have a new home on Second Life

Our group in Second Life is Christian Friends of There in SL

We are located at the House of Prayer.  I am Sammy Moose and my wife is Sissy Southpaw


Our Bible reading & study times are:

  Monday: 9:00 - 10:00 pm eastern       Tuesday: 9:00 - 9:30 pm eastern

Wednesday: 9:00 - 9:30 pm eastern        Thursday: 9:00 - 9:30 pm eastern


Are you interested in online Christian Bible readings and studies? Come visit us on Second Life.  Make sure and add me as a friend - Sammy Moose.  Accounts are free with voice. You have no need to buy anything. We have people at the House of Prayer that will orient you, help you get free clothes, etc.  I am normally online only during my bible reading times.  If you have any questions feel free to Email me:  Jay Robinson - Sammy Moose


What is Second Life?  Check out the following tutorial
What is Second Life Tutorial

I have read through the Bible online for over five years from 2005 - 2010 at a virtual world called  Unfortunately that world closed down.  Feel free to check out some information about it at Christian Friends of There




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