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Welcome to the Pershing Missile site.  I have tried to include many links about the Pershing Nuclear System.
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Pershing Missile Units
41st Ord Co
Sep 75 Activated, Weilerbach, West Germany
72nd Ord Bn, 59th Ordnance Group
Sep 77 Reassigned to 3rd Ord Bn, 59th Ord Bde
Nov 82 Reassigned to Special Troops Bn, 59th Ord Bde
579th Ord Co
We repaired all the GSE for the Pershing system.
Sep 77 Reassigned to 3rd Ord Bn, 59th Ord Bde
Jun 81 - 212 soldiers
??? Reassigned to 59th Ord Bde
??? Deactivated- reformed as D/55th Maint.
56 FA Bde
Bismarck Kaserne
*56 FA Bde HQ
266th Chem Det Decon
A, D Btry, 1/41st FA Bn
*E Co, 55th Maint Bn
Hardt Kaserne
HHB, B Btry, C Btry 1/41st FA
*A Co, 55th Maint Bn
Ft Black Jack CAS, Inneringen, 100 km south of Schwaebisch Gmuend
Artillery Kaserne
HHB, C Btry, D Btry, 3/84th FA Bn
*C Co, 55th Maint Bn
Badenerhof Kaserne
A Btry, B Btry, 3/84th FA Bn
*C Co, 2/4th Inf
Wilkins Barracks
A Co, 2/4th Inf
CAS, Waldheide, outside of Heilbronn
Neu Ulm
Wiley Barracks
*HHB, A Btry, B Btry, C Btry, D Btry, 1/81st FA Bn
*B Co, 55th Maint Bn
Nelson Barracks
HHC, B Co, 2/4th Inf
*HHC, D Co, 55th Maint Bn
Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC)
Von Steuben CAS, Lemgrube, 50 km southeast of Neu-Ulm
2/79th FA formed at Ft Sill Sep 1964 for deployment to Korea.
*56th FA Grp / Bde / Cmd - Schwäbisch-Gmünd
2/44 FA (9th Missile Group, 4th Army) Ft Sill
4/41 FA
1/41 FA - Schwäbisch-Gmünd
*1/81 FA - Wackernheim , then Neu-Ulm / Wiley Kaserne
3/84 FA - Neckarsulm / Heilbronn
*579th Ord Co, 3rd Ord Bn, 56th Ord Bde - Neu-Ulm / Nelson Kaserne
*55th Maint / Spt Bn
* HHC - Neu-Ulm / Nelson Kaserne
* A Co (FSC) - Schwäbisch-Gmünd
* B Co (FSC) - Neu-Ulm / Wiley Kaserne
* C Co (FSC)- Neckarsulm
* D Co (DSC)- Neu-Ulm / / Nelson Kaserne
* E Co (Avn) - Schwäbisch-Gmünd
1/9 FA - Neu-Ulm / Wiley Kaserne
2/9 FA - Schwäbisch-Gmünd
3/9 FA - Ft Sill
4/9 FA - Neckarsulm / Heilbronn
38th Sig Bn
* HHC Schwäbisch-Gmünd
* A
* B Neu-Ulm / Wiley Kaserne
* C
* D- Schwäbisch-Gmünd / Bismark Kaserne
251st Ordnance Detachment
Activated in November 1964 in the Ordnance Guided Missile School at Redstone Arsenal, it was intended to accompany the 2nd Battalion, 79th Artillery to Korea. It's deployment overseas was canceled in late Spring of 1965. Instead, it deployed to Fort Sill, Oklahoma in January 1966 where is undertook the backup maintenance support role for units deployed to Blanding and Green River for firing. It was deactivated, I understand, in 1968.
Info provided by: Commanding Officer from the date of its activation through March or April 1967 when he
departed to Vietnam via the Ordnance School at Aberdeen Proving Ground.
David M. McClellan - Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army, Retired
FYI...251st Ord. Det. was not deactivated in 1968. I was in it from 67 through 69 at Ft Sill. Pretty much a do
 nothing unit. No currency training, no missiles, no launchers to work on except for a couple of months.
 Spent most of our time on riot control duty.    Richard Kendall
266th Chem Det
2/4 Inf Bn
" HHC - Neu-Ulm
" A Co - Kornwestheim then moved to ?
" B Co - Neu-Ulm
" C Co - Heilbronn
41st Ord Co
EMCH- Equipment Maintenance Center, Hausen
74th USAFAD, 56th Ord Bde- Schwabstadl Kaserne, Klosterlechfeld
512th USA Ary Grp
PUAD- Pueblo Army Depot
- GAF Units:
FKG 2- Selfkant Kaserne
- QRA Sites
1/41 FA - Inneringen
3/84 FA - Waldheide
1/81 FA - Lemgrube
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