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Welcome to the Pershing Missile site.  I have tried to include many links about the Pershing Nuclear System.
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updated May 12, 2020
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Pershing Missile - Military Links

Pershing Missile - Military Links

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I received this email.  If anyone can help, please do.  Thanks
my name is René Kiefer and I am Operator of the German Forum "".
Because I am researching for a long time to the Former Ammunition Depot Oberolmer Forest (GE62E) in Mainz,
I turn to you.
The Pershing I of 1960-68 in Mainz by the 1st Bn, 81st FA was stationed and 1969 went to Neu-Ulm, is known, however, I learned about a Member who GE62E for storage of Pershing II to ca . was used in 1991.
This information is supposed to come from "Pershing Cable" and "Pueblo Depot Information".
The unit in question would be the 579th Ordnance, subordinated to the 56th Ordnance, this was said to be responsible for guarding in Oberolm.
Either I'm looking in the wrong Areas or the statement is not true, you may be able to help me here?
Even Walter Elkins USAREUR helps here, unfortunately not.
Greetings from Wiesbaden / Germany
René Kiefer
Corporal of Reserve of the German Army
Lichtstraße 5a
65205 Wiesbaden
06122-707 57 40
0157-745 93 980
Sonderwaffenlager Fischbach bei Dahn
Interessengemeinschaft „Area 1" militärgeschichtlicher Verein e.V.
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