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Every cloud has a silver lining (except for the mushroom shaped ones, which have a lining of Iridium & Strontium 90)

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Welcome to the Pershing Missile site.  I have tried to include many links about the Pershing Nuclear System.
If you have any additional sites that you would like to add here, please email the webmaster.  Thanks
Check out the Pershing Missile Alumni FaceBook page... lots of people are there
Pershing Missile Pics from Jay Robinson
1982 Fort Sill OK 4th Btn D Bty Basic Training
Pershing Missile System Timeline
Pershing Missile General Pics 56th Field Artillery Command Pershing History
Pershing Missile Strass 1969 Pershing Missile Units
Neu Ulm and Strass Maps US ARMY Nuclear Weapons Effects Technology
We Gave Peace A Chance Pershing Missile Engineering News
Pershing 1A Model Final Countdown by George Finley
Atomic Bomb Explosion Pershing 1 Missile Scale Data
Ivy Mike First Full scale H-Bomb 10 megatons Pershing Personnel List
Nuclear Bomb effects on Humans Nuclear Explosion Hiroshima Little Boy
My book 'The Pershing Missile System: Never Fired in Anger-A Memoir' is now completed.
 The book is available two (2) ways:
1) Amazon Kindle for $5.99
2) Direct: Send check or money order for $9.00 (shipping included) for the book on disk to:
 Steven T. Burns, 2392 S. Clayton Drive, Midland, MI 48640
Please check his Facebook page for other options and the most up to date information:
If you enjoyed Pershing or would love to have a history of our mission and what went on during our time with Pershing,
I would highly recommend Steven Burns book.  It is well worth the money.  I am thankful that Steven took the time
to preserve the memories of Pershing.  Please support him.  Jay Robinson - Pershing
Stories and Pictures from Don McMahon
Martin PR Pershing model still in original box with the transporter from 1964 for sale
If you have any links to add, just email Jay Robinson

Pershing Missile - Military Links

Pershing Missile - Military Links

Please enjoy looking around the site.  There are lots of pictures and information and maybe a little bit of fun.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me (Jay Robinson)

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