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August 26, 2017

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Miamisburg Ohio is home to one of the biggest and longest running top spinning events in the world.

updated August 30, 2018
2017 Miamisburg Whirled Festival of Tops
Join us for the eighteenth edition of the Whirled Top Festival in historic downtown Miamisburg.  This event
 will be Saturday, August 26, 2017  from 5pm to 8pm at Riverfront Park in Miamisburg.

 Gather with local school participants, scouts, and more who will be battling for $100 in gold coins (plus one more for each year of the event so this year we will be giving out 118  gold dollar coins). A team is made up of three top throwers (In school - 18 and under) tossing in an arena.  Each top that spins is worth one point.  the longest spinner in a round gets an extra point.  The teams battle to 11 points. The competition is double elimination.
You can win coins at Jay's change challenge.
Do you have what it takes to have the longest spinner at Dave's Duration?
   Learn to throw tops from one of our resident experts.
    Start practicing now and meet us at the main stage by the river.
Last year we had a nice group of professionals from Texas, Japan and many other states.
Mike is always working on  special guests.  We have had people such as: Dale Oliver from Spintastics,
 World Champion Matt Ritter, Mark Hayward - Stunt Lab, Alan Gary -, plus many
 other world class guests. Maybe the next world champion will be with us again this year? In 2016 They
came from  New York, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas and Japan!!!
  Do you have any questions or need a top?  Contact Mike Hout at 866-4324 or



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