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Miamisburg Historical Society

Miamisburg Historical Society
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These photographs are from the estates of Daniel L Weadick and Katherine L Weadick-Desch of Eaton Ohio.  The photographs were taken by Frank Desch who owned a barber shop in downtown Miamisburg during the 1930's.  The Deschs lived at 12 Center Street, Miamisburg Ohio. 








More flood Pics

Looking east on Linden                3 South Main street


     JACKSONS owned the funeral home in GERMANTOWN


In looking at the Desch Photo's some time ago, one was driving me up a tree! That one is down 3 rows, and second from right. My Great-Grandfather John Conley Gebhart was the Lock Tender at Lock 27 south of the Burg and I have a photo of the house.
The house pictured is one of J.O. Reed's which still stand at 5 South Riverview Ave. on the west side of the Miami River, facing east towards the river. J.O. was a railroad man, NYC and live by the B&O RR. I did know him and the family. He lived in the house north of this one, Robert Reed lived in this one and in the upper left corner of the photo is another where Jim and Louise Reed lived. J.O.also had a business and shop in the lower part of this house where he sharpened and repaired tools, like saws.
Randy Staley









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