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The stage and production staff of the Miami Valley Cable Council talk show, Historic Miamisburg: Memories of the Star City, has been awarded a MVCC Arnie Award. Producer, Aldona Ryan, accepted the award at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner held May 13, 1998, at the Dayton Mall Holiday Inn.

"Its really a great honor," said Ryan who chose and submitted the interview from the archive of 15 Historic Miamisburg tapings. She also added that future shows will include an 'Award Winning Series of MVCC' notation within the closing credits.

According to Chuck Jones, MVCC Community Production Coordinator, volunteers choose and submit tapes of their best productions to a panel of independent judges who rate the shows according to a point system. Overall, 100 tapes were submitted for award consideration in one of eight community production categories and two school production categories.

The award winning show, titled Genealogy and Oral History was hosted by Bobbye Sweny and features an interview with Connie Kline, chairperson for the Miamisburg Historical Society Oral History and Genealogy Committees.

The stage and production staff for the Kline interview included: Host-Bobbye Sweny, Guest-Connie Kline, Producer-Aldona Ryan, Director-Chuck Jones, Technical Director-Ellis Williams, Camera 1-Bill Gray, Camera 2-Mary Rabold, Camera 3-Dick Gleadell, Audio/Graphics-Kitty Lemarr, Lighting-Mike Hagan, Set Design-Matt Hermetz, Still Photography-Everett Sweny, Theme Music-Lee Ann Kinner and Production Assistants-Mike Hagan, Sid Hagan and Ross Morris.

Kline, who volunteers each month as a production assistant for the show, was surprised when a friend from the show called to congratulate her Wednesday evening after the banquet. "I was surprised over the news because I didn't even know that the show was nominated, let alone my interview," she said. "It makes me feel good because the show is a good opportunity for the society to share our [city's] history and the various programs that our membership is involved in."

"We were surprised," said Mrs. Sweny, "And absolutely delighted to receive an Arnie for our show. We're relatively new at this and working every month to improve the content and our presentation. We owe a lot to our Producer, Aldona Ryan for her guidance and encouragement."

Bobbye Sweny hosted the first Historic Miamisburg in September of 1996. The show featured Hank Schneider who shared his memories of the old swimming pool downtown. Bobbye continued to host the show throughout its first year on the air.

This year additional hosts will be interviewing guest. This month guest host, Ray Roberts, interviewed Daphne Armstrong and Marge Judd who are members of the Senior Center's Writers Club. The club was started in 1989 and has grown to a membership of twenty. The group meets twice a month to read original poems and prose, and to enjoy good conversation and good food. The host and guests closed the interview by reading poems that they had written.

Historic Miamisburg can be seen on MVCC Channel 10 the first Tuesday of each month and at additional dates and times throughout the month. Check local listings for specific dates and times.

The show committee welcomes interview topic and guest suggestion and encourage those who are interested in helping with the production of the show to contact the historical society.







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