• Disarm Alarm System:
- Red light should be on, insert alarm key.
-Turn to the right and back. Green light (very dim) should show.

• Proceed to unlock door with north door key. Door may have to be raised by handle as thumb latch is depressed and key is turned.

Flip light switch inside right of door frame to turn on center overhead lights.

Turn On Downstairs Lights
- Crock in corner behind north door is wired with an electric bulb inside. Use thumb switch on electric cord to turn light on.
- Crock on top of cupboard to left of north fireplace is wired as well. Use thumb switch to turn light on.
- Electric logs are turned on by thumb switch on the cord that lies on the hearth.
- Turn on light fixture on east wall to right of window.
- Flip light switch behind the bar, to right of Gift Shoppe hutch on south wall.

• Turn On Upstairs Lights
- Flip light switch on east wall behind door to turn on stair lights.
- To the left going up the stairs, flip switches under the display cases.
- Use the stick on the chair rail at the top of stairs to flip the light switch high overhead on east wall.
- Plug in crock in upstairs corner and plug in 2 cords to turn on stove area.
- Pull string cord to turn on light fixture over tobacco display case on west wall.
- Use thumb switch on electric cord behind tobacco display case to turn on overhead light.
- In bedroom, pull string cord to turn on light fixture to right of window on west wall.

• Unlatch Windows:
Pull out pin on right side of lower window sash, hold pin out while raising sash.
Keeping sash in hand, release pin and let sash drop slowly until pin engages inside of frame. Make certain that pin is engaged before unfastening shutters.

• Open Shutters:
Shutter latch pulls up and shutter swing out. Turn outside bracket to allow
shutter to go back against building. Release bracket and it will turn back to hold
shutter open.

• Open West Door:
Lift up and remove wood bar from holders on sides of door.
Lift up floor doorstop and pull door open by door handle.

• Pull the “donation” pot forward slightly and “seed” it with a few bills from the cash box.

• Sign the guest register as “docent” and be sure to ask visitors to sign.


• Unlock north door with Kercher Key.
• Lift up and remove wood bar from holders on sides of south door.
• Flip three light switches on right of stair wall
• Unlatch at window tops, raise windows, which have no pegs. Be mindful of this when opening the shutters.
Turn outside brackets to hold shutters open.


• Unlock the padlock and open door. Prop it open with the mattock.


• Leave locked until needed.
There is a Restroom Key on a wooden stick hanging behind the bar in the Tavern. There is also a fob to use in disarming the restroom alarm before opening. Must be re-armed again after locking.

• Hang out the American flag using the holder on the east side of Tavern over the Tavern sign.
• Hang out the “Open” flag using the holder on the south side of the Tavern by the steps building.

And now you are open for business. At the end of the day, do the reverse, ending with locking the cash box in the smokehouse and padlocking it. Judy Wuerstl will retrieve the box and return it to the Market Square Building to be picked up by the next volunteer docents.

Revised & updated by Judy Wuerstl 8/24/12.