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What is Geocaching?

Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache's existence and location online. Anyone with a GPS device can then try to locate the geocache.

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

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Hello from Burg Family Robinson

2010 GCinOHIO Summer Picnic GC2B8XD Pictures and Videos

First a little history... I started geocaching April 22, 2007 with some friends who introduced me to it. I became a member as Sammy1000 April 23, 2007.  I was hooked.  My first Geocache was Under the Boardwalk GCKQVY.  I came home to Miamisburg and got started.  It was difficult as I was using my Magellan Crossover GPS 2500T.  This was great for driving and had feature for hiking as well.  It was a pain to put in coordinates.  I could not download them directly, even as a premium member.  I had to create a pocket query, then load that into some type of POI editor.  That got the coordinates in for the geocaches.  Then I had to hand type each one of the coordinates into the driving side of the GPS to get me to the cache.  Of course I had to research online.. print out papers with info and hints on them... etc..etc... Ok.. so it was a lot of work, but it was fun.  Here are a couple of links to an event I went to and also out geocaching with friends.

OKIC Picnic June 23 2007
Ask the Geocacher 062407 geocaching with friends
Later in the year... I had stopped with 267 caches found and 15 caches hidden.  Yes I enjoyed that as well.  I still have 7 caches out in the world and would like to thank many people who have helped with the maintenance over the last 3 years.  Unfortunately life had many problems... and I was not able to cache... then by the next spring.. I think the gas was crazy... once again.. no caching... and it just fell by the wayside.. I wanted to get back into it, but was not able.
So here we begin a new... I was married in 2009 and did a lot of traveling with my new wife... too bad we were not caching then.. could of hit all kinds of states.. lol   But I had mentioned it to her.. and she was very interested... But we needed a new name... to incorporate the family... wife.. and kids... ergo... Burg Family Robinson is born on February 2, 2010.  One other thing we "needed"... ok.. I wanted it.. was a new GPSr... just for caching.  I knew it would be expensive.. but I did not want to jump through all of those hoops with my car GPS again.  So we broke down and bought the Garmin Oregon 550t with the street atlas as well.... It is way over priced... but very sweet for caching... I love it... Just download the pocket queries directly into the Garmin.. and we are off... The sweet thing is it can hold 5000 geo caches at once.. very sweet.. to upload that many.. although I do not have that many right now.  The other part we love is the paperless caching.  It has all of the information.. description.. hints.. cache... last 5 logs... although sometimes I wish I had more.. lol.. but it is all there.. and we can just go and hit the ones we want.. and not have to try and lay out the trip on the computer first... more time for fun and caching instead of spending half of the time planning... :)  The other great feature is it has field notes... these are awesome... I just input if we found the cache.. and write a few reminder notes.. then when I get home.. I upload it to groundspeak and it brings up all of the caches... we were at.. I verify the notes I typed.. add a few if I want.. hit enter and it is posted... soooo easy.  :)
So how have we done on the caching... that is easy.. for the most part .. just having fun as a family.  It is great for the kids and the family as well... it can not be beat as a great activity for all.  I love it and call it exercise with a purpose...  we get to exercise our minds and bodies... :)  There are so many new caches out there.. can not wait to hit them.  When we run across caches I have did in the past... I just give the GPSr to the wife and kids and stand back... been letting them make the find.  That seems like a good way to do it for me.  Although I really did not find that many... so I am not standing back too much :)
Ok.. we have pictures and stories to come.  I will most likely just have the pictures in generic... non cache identifying... don't want to give away many hints... :)

4/02/10    The family went caching today at Grant Park in Kettering, OH. A great day to be outdoors..the temp reached to the mid 80's. We started at one end and did several caches, still a little muddy on the trails. We then went to the other end of the trails to do a multi-cache called Linus's Loot. This time it was a lot farther in and the terrain was a little rougher especially when we had to veer off the path to find the cache. We had to find 6 different caches, and each cache found had a clue that would lead us to the next cache. We did great with the first 3 caches, but the 4th cache we could not find. I actually think it is lost. We were pretty bummed out about that! We were hot and tired but not really wanting to give up with 3 caches invested.  One cache that I thought was particularly cool was in a plastic owl that they attached to the back of one of the trees.  So with the feeling of defeat ..we headed back to the car to go home. We were on a different path that ran just above the path we were originally on. We were following that smaller path out and looking for a way to get to the other trail, when my husband spotted several rocks at the base of a tree. When our son looked..sure enough it was the 5th cache. We were so excited to happen upon that cache. It gave us the clue to the 6th and final cache. We found the cache and it was the biggest container I have seen since caching. The kids were super excited and going through all the goodies. We let them each pick out something and we replaced it with a goodie of our own. It was a great caching day for me..but my feet did not like the approx. 7 mile hike round trip. Caching is great exercise and a lot of fun, so much better that sitting on the computer or in front of the t.v.

3-30-10   Hubby and I went caching this afternoon. Great sunny and warmer day...woohoo 55 degrees. Had much better success finding the caches quick today. We trampled through mud, wet grass, horse doodoo, under bridges and through several parks. Okay, so if you haven't figured it out by now, caching is not for the pre-Madonna. That is what my hubby reminded me of today, while I was scraping horse doodoo from under my fingernails. Hint: Carrying hand sanitizer in your car is very helpful. Found 15 caches in all woohoo.

3-27-10    Went caching with the kids today. They enjoyed it when we found the loot, but up until then they were very whiney. We didn't find the caches as quickly as we usually do, which didn't help the kids attitude one bit. We walked the bike trails and enjoyed the sun it was only in the forties so we had to wear jackets. Okay, so I had to wear a jacket (lol). One of the caches had a 'guardian' and our daughter found it..and ran back up the hill because she thought it was real (can u say whine)? Took home pizza and called it a day. And a very nice day it was.

3-24-10         Took a small road trip to Kentucky and Indiana.. visited the Creation Museum and decided to do a little geocaching while we were there. Got to find my first Earth cache which was very cool. Getting a little experience under my belt.. developing my ôgeosenseö. I have a bad habit of wanting to rely completely on the gps. I am learning though that the readings could be off due to time of day, buildings or trees blocking the signal, or maybe even the coordinates are incorrect. Many thanks to my hubby who is teaching me along the way. It is fun to race to see who will find the cache first, usually it is him, but on occasion I will find it first and I do what my children call the geocache dance LOL.


3-16-10    Enjoyed another beautiful day by finding a few geocaches. A great way to enjoy the outdoors and get in some exercise. I am still learning how to find them on my own, my hubby has a lot of experience and he does help me.

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